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Lubricate the outside diameter of the Turret with 30 wt. motor oil, or something similar. The nylon Square Ratchet that comes with the Turret Press is designed to properly index the press for 10s of thousands of rounds. This inexpensive part is mad...
For the 45 ACP, there is no impact on the load data with using a small primer vs. a large one. It is safe to use the data published for large primers for use with small primers.
The whisper thin material that forms a hinge on the Auto Index Clamp is there for ease of assembly at the factory. After installed on the press, it has no effect on the indexing of the press, whether the hinge is intact or not.
When you are done loading you should remove the hopper from the Load All II so that you can thoroughly clean all the powder residue from the hopper and red slide bar. It is not recommended that any type of powder be stored in the hopper. Unused powde...
If you find that your cases are being scratched and scored, you are able to correct it. Take your die apart and clean it with any available solvent, we use Hoppe's #9. Looking inside the die, you might be able to find the source of scoring. Take s...
Our decapper clamp has a 1/8" NTP pipe tap.
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